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In the land of Zoolandia, life goes on in a peaceful manner.

Every animal is joyfully dedicated to their favorite activity. Of course, accidents can happen at any time: Sam the elephant has a bothersome tusk ache, Dorothy the antelope sprained her paw right on the eve of a high jump match, Simon the panda ate too much bamboo and now has a stomach ache... Fortunately there is someone who is able to restore the serenity thanks to his great ability to cure every illness and every indisposition. He is Croco Doc, the country’s doctor, always formidable in learning the causes of the patient’s illness, as well as finding the right remedy. Little importance is given to the fact that his assistant, Crat the hippopotamus, with his clumsiness and lack of skills, always seems to make matters worse; because Croco Doc is always able to bring a smile back to his patients... and health back to their bodies!

The series

Made for a pre-school audience (5-10 years), Croco Doc proposes to introduce, in a fun and elementary way, the experience of infirmity to children.

A child by nature is, in fact, given to experience the moment of “going to the doctor” or illness in general, as a trauma: an unknown experience, unpleasant, potentially painful and therefore a negative experience, with suffering and fear. Croco Doc wishes to represent the ambulatory environment as a “normal” place, where problems are solved and cured, and the doctor figure is seen as a positive reference point and fundamental to their growth. Born from the intuition of a mother who is also a doctor, Croco Doc treats typical problems and childhood illnesses with both a funny and scientific approach: the dialogue and the stories are conceived and revisited by real doctors and pediatricians in such a way that, even though the language is adapted to the young age this product represents, the concepts are correctly induced.

Each episode of Croc Doc has its final goal in:

Introducing doctors

Presenting the doctor’s office and hospital environment to children in a positive way;

Taking care of hygiene

Supplying elementary ideas and advice for hygiene and self care;

Reassuring about illness

Explaining to children in simple terms the principle traits of the illnesses they may encounter, reassuring them of the fact that they are all curable if treated adequately.

Explaining how to behave

Supplying elementary ideas on how to behave toward themselves and others, in case of accident or indisposition.

The structure

The series follows a standard plot, though with substantial differences from episode to episode. At the beginning of each episode we meet an inhabitant of Zoolandia as he or she goes about their everyday life, doing something that characterizes each one. But something goes wrong. For example, mommy Pig calls her children for lunch, but little Timmy won’t eat. What’s wrong with him? Or, Arturo the kangaroo is about to dispute the championship finals of the long jump when, while training, he suffers a cramp in his leg. In each case the inhabitants of Zoolandia know there is only one thing to do: go to Croco Doc’s office, or call Croco Doc if they’re not able to go personally. Croco Doc visits the patient and listens to the symptoms. After consulting with his assistant Crat the hippopotamus, he furnishes his diagnosis and explains how to cure the problem that afflicts the patient, as would a “real” doctor. At the end of an episode the patient is cured and, thanks to Croco Doc, can enjoy his or her fully restored health: the complications have been settled and it’s now time to return to everyday life!

The “prescription” of the series: science, humor and simplicity
Croco Doc is a series that proposes to represent the experience of illness on a scientific and factual basis, but in a fun and simple way, adapted to the small child audience. The keys to the series are the following:


it is a “scientific” series, although it does not pretend absolute realism (starting with it’s protagonists: anthropomorphous animals) and is born with the sole purpose of spreading real and approved information from an official medical entity, with whom we are in constant contact.


fundamental in capturing the attention of small children. The series’ comic element is represented by Croco Doc’s assistant, Crat the hippopotamus, who always demonstrates himself to be disastrous in his duties, besides having the worst possible medical know-how. Fortunately Croco Doc is always there to fix everything!


there must be a language adapted for the younger child. As such, all the characters, particularly Croco Doc, will explain in a way that everyone can easily understand. Not only that, but in the didactic moments there will be a wide usage of visual expedients in order to render the concepts truly understandable to everyone.

The characters





He is the indisputable star of the series. A crocodile, but most of all a very well-informed doctor who is able to find the proper solution to every problem. He is not a “Dr. House” because he deals with very normal cases and, above all, is always amiable and respectful of the patient, but has in common with the famous TV doctor the innate capacity to immediately discover the problem and to correctly diagnose the solution. He represents the typical general practitioner, therefore, both through analysis as well as diagnosis, will do exactly as a “real” doctor would: therefore he never veers from the normal procedures adopted in medicine, in such a way as to calm the child who has seen him at work in a hypothetical case in which he also has had to go to a “real” doctor. He has a vast medical background and is quite capable in all matters, from orthopedics to odontology; because actually, in Zoolandia he is the only doctor and the accidents in his city are certainly not uncommon, therefore he must truly be ready for anything! As such, Croco Doc is an “all star” doctor, who during the series will demonstrate his vast knowledge not only in general medicine but also in a large gamut of specializations. Always kind and available, he has no particular signs or vices, except for the comprehensible tendency to always wash his hands and respect hygiene in an almost maniacal manner! Croco Doc normally sees patients in his well-supplied office, but in some cases is called upon to visit the homes of the sick or at the scene of an accident, always ready to intervene.
Whereas Croco Doc is well-prepared in everything and rarely mistakes a diagnosis and respective treatment, his assistant Crat is the complete opposite: a real disaster! In fact, Crat the hippopotamus has all the defects that an assistant could have: little knowledgeable, a bit clumsy and even capable of falling asleep at the wrong moment! As such, it’s not uncommon that Croco Doc frequently interrogates him and entrusts him with the more mundane tasks, such as calling the patient into the office. One could ask why an element so unprofessional could be at Croco Doc’s side; but everyone knows, there aren’t other doctors in Zoolandia, and with that name Hyppo Crat he seems quite predestined for medicine. And it isn’t out of the question if, between one Croco Doc explanation and the next, that in the end Crat doesn’t become a great doctor himself, even if he has a long way to go!
He isn’t a real protagonist of the series, but is present in almost every episode, relegated to the waiting room: once with a leg cast, once with a sore foot, once with a headache, or any other unprobable illness that changes his skin color and etc... His role is that of being perenially unlucky inside Croco Doc’s waiting room, waiting his turn, which is always after that of the episode’s main character. Just very unlucky or also a bit of a hypochondriac? We’ll never know, even though he is surely a constant presence and, in the end, also a sort of a comic relief!
The curious thing about the series is that every episode has a different protagonist: that is, the animal that must seek Croco Doc to be cured. It is an occasion to meet the inhabitants of Zoolandia, a real zoo where every animal, in turn, will have an accident, some kind of disturbance, or an illness. But have no fear, Croco Doc will always get the better of any disturbance, allowing his fellow citizens a good night’s sleep!

Demo contents

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